Just select text to start highlighting

With new Chrome extension it is possible now to start highlighting right away after you have selected text on any webpage.

Just select some text

and you should see little yellow Quickstart icon  – click on it to highlight selected text and start highlighting and sharing tool.

If you would like to disable this feature, then please stop your mouse on this yellow icon for few seconds and select “Disable” form tooltip window.

We hope you will enjoy this fast highlighting method!

Geo-tagging Web in a New Way

We have new and exciting feature for marker.to users to try out!

We just added option  to add geographical location for highlighted text on the web pages.
This allows to connect web content with real physical locations in the world map.


How to try it out?

Once you have highlighted the text with marker.to tool, you can move mouse over highlighted area and click geo icon  from popup toolbar.



This will  bring up the map where you can click to set location for your highlighted text.

Once you have highlighted and geo-tagged your text, you can check out the map view of your highlihters from


For example:

We believe that this feature is extra useful when you are planning travel – looking for sightseeing information and places to visit or highlighting historical materials.

Please let us know how would you like to use this feature?