How to access your highlighted pages collection from all your computers?

As you probably know, you can access all your highlighted pages at page.

You can access your highlighted pages collection only from the same computer and same browser you have used to create these highlights.

But if you need to access and update your highlights list from your work computer or you need to replace your main computer, then we have new solution for you.

Just enter your email to the form on page. We will send you link you can use in any computer you want to connect to your account.

This special restore link will guarantee you a access to your highlights after you need to reinstall your operating system or need to upgrade your main computer. So it wouldn’t hurt to send it to your mailbox just in case.

Just click this restore link on all the computers where you want to use your account.

Please keep this link in secret and use it only on your private computers. As clicking this special restore link on public computer will grant access to everybody who are using this computer with current login.

Organizing your highlights with tagging

Our small team has been busy for a while and we are happy to announce a new experimental feature – TAGS. This should help you to organize your highlights collection on page.


So, how does it work?

First, highlight some text.

Stop your mouse cursor on highlighted text to see the toolbar.
Click on tag icon

And fill out tags you want (just use whitespace as separator)

Tags will be saved automatically.

Once you are done with highlighting on your page, you should see your tags on page

As you are using tags now, it is very easy to filter your selections collection. Just click on the tags name you want to filter out from your collection

And you should see only the filtered highlighted pages on your list, which are connected to this tag (“music” in this case).

You can select even multiple tags to filter out only records which have these tags.

Oh, did I mention that now you can see your highlighted text passages directly from without going to highlighted page? Just click on “+” sign in front of the entry.

There you have option to add or change tags for all your highlights too.

Please let us know about your ideas and suggestions how would you like to organize your highlights or what features you are missing the most!

Happy tagging!

Just select text to start highlighting

With new Chrome extension it is possible now to start highlighting right away after you have selected text on any webpage.

Just select some text

and you should see little yellow Quickstart icon  – click on it to highlight selected text and start highlighting and sharing tool.

If you would like to disable this feature, then please stop your mouse on this yellow icon for few seconds and select “Disable” form tooltip window.

We hope you will enjoy this fast highlighting method!

How to use highlighter pen

About Yellow Highlighter Pen is web highlighting and annotation tool.
Hopefully you have completed installation on page or you have updated your extension to latest version.

Let us show you how to use highlighter pen.


Go to any website you would like to highlight.
For example, I went to page.

Once the page is loaded just click the highlighter button on your toolbar:



Now you can select text on page with your mouse cursor and it will become highlighted.


Congratulations, you have successfully created your first highlight!

If you would like to change the highlight, just move your mouse cursor over highlighted text and you should see highlight toolbar.

You can pick new highlighter colour or you can use red   to remove the highlight. Optionally you can connect your highlight with place on the map or you can add tags.


If you want to share  (or save to bookmarks for future reference) highlighted version of page then you should use toolbar

it contains unique address (like: for your version of highlighted page. You can select and copy it to share in MSN, Skype or e-mail etc. Or you can use “Tweet” or “Share” buttons to share your highlighted page on social media with your comment.


Please note that all your highlighted pages will be available at page from the same computer and same browser.

Please leave your questions to blog post comments or send with feedback to:

Have fun highlighting!

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