How to install highlighter for web?


UPDATE 01.03.2012: Please see Updated Installation Guide

In our first blog post we describe in detail how to install Before you can start highlighting the web, you need to install browser extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser.

If you use Internet Explorer or other browser then you could try out Chrome or Firefox or wait for our IE release.

NB! Highlighted pages can be viewed with any major browser.
If you open website you should notice a big green install button.

Click on the Install button :)

Please select your browser type for detailed instructions:




Google Chrome

Click on Install button and you will go to


You will see this screen in Chrome Webstore: highlighter pen in Chrome Webstore

Now click on the blue button „Add to Chrome“(in the right upper corner). Next you will see this pop-up screen:

Click ‘Install’.

Congrats, you’ve installed Marker! A little yellow pen icon appeared in the right corner, just next to address bar. Click on the icon to run Marker.



Mozilla Firefox

Click Install button on page and plugin installation will start from

And you will see following dialog:

Click on ’Allow’.

Now two windows pop-up. Click ’Install Now’. It’s ok – will not harm your computer!


Congrats! is installed for Firefox. You can find the icon of on right side, next to the address bar.





Click Install button from page and download will start from:

You  will see this screen after clicking Install button:

Yellow highlighter Safari install

Click ‘Open’. Another pop-up window opens.

Yellow highlighter pen extension install confirmation


Click ’Install’
. is installed if you can locate a little grey pen icon on the left corner, just next to the address bar. Click on the icon to run Marker.


Yellow highlighter pen Safari extension icon


In the next blog post we will describe how to highlihght with

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